To ALL Prasa commuters

This is a letter to all train commuters across South Africa.
I hope you are all keeping safe during this trying time. We are all doing our best to remain sane and positive while keeping our families happy, safe, and fed.
In the spirit of solidarity & true entrepreneurship, we at SwiftStar Technology have developed an app that would manage crowds on trains and prevent the spread of Covid-19. This platform will make the lives of all train commuters a lot easier once our country gets “back to normal”. We have requested assistance from Prasa to come on board in order for us to provide not only dates but also real-time location and times of all train schedules with regards to arrivals, departures, and delays. The intention is to provide the real-time location of each train. This can actually be done in a number of ways one way is to link the app easily by accessing either the GPS location of the train or the train operator can activate their account via their cellphone and allow the app users to pick up their location (this can be deactivated once the shift is completed.)

With constant and consistent updates of train schedules having access to the real-time train location will help people plan their day effectively.
We all know time is money and in the current economic climate and the situation in Africa in general, we can all do with a lot more money. Commuters will have more time left of their day to do the business that feeds their families. They will be able to plan better and provide loved
ones or business associates or even employers with accurate times if they are notified about delays.

You can download the app here.

We had 500+ downloads within days after we decided to place the app on the play store but many have deleted it since they are unable to see the real-time location of the trains.

So we have been in contact with Prasa since the October 2019 last year but unfortunately a range of delays and now lockdown restrictions and the necessity for physical distancing has put a huge strain on communication and getting the ball rolling. We have invested so much time in developing the platform because we understand the need for this platform and the relief it will provide to millions of South Africans on a daily basis.
As a former daily train commuter myself, I really believe this platform is a necessity & understand the huge & immediate benefits the platform would yield to its users. We sincerely hope that Prasa would come on board and do the necessary to have this rolled out ASAP.

We want to get the letter out so that someone who is in a position to make a difference will see the letter.
We hope they would understand the importance of having this platform up and fully functioning and will be able to get the ball rolling hopefully before lockdown ends and the train services are back up.
If you are in a position to make this happen, you will be making millions of South Africans commute to work safer & more prosperous.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please Like comment and share and keep this letter if you want to make a difference and do your part to make SA better place for ALL.

We can’t buy more time but we can produce quality time.

Let’s all work together to make the luxury of an extra couple of hours available to the 2 million people who rely on Prasa to get them to their destinations every day so that they can work harder to achieve more goals and become independent of financial aid.

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