Supporting our informal business sector

When we started SwiftStar Technology in 2017 in Cape Town I knew two things

1. I wanted to make a difference in the world and I want that difference to mean something to me and

2. I love technology, not so much its current state but what it promises. The hope it brings and how it has and is yet to change the world.

It is safe to say that a lot has happened since and somehow 2019 feels like 10 years ago never the less. We’ve have fallen and rinses, learned and grown from an IT shopfront in Kuilsriver to mobile application developers and we specialize in projects that help build and uplift the tech ecosystem especially in the informal business sector.

Statistics indicate that by the end of 2019 (according to data from, Statista) the global eCommerce market had sales reaching $3.5 trillion and represented 14% of the total share of global retail sales.

This data predicts that by the end of 2020, global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion and makeup 16% of total retail sales. And these numbers are only predicted to go up as we continue into the ‘20s.

Furthermore due to the current pandemic and going forward physical distancing will be a necessity if we want to keep the negative effects of Covid-19 to a minimum. New business operation regulations make it almost impossible for many businesses to make profits under physical and social distancing regulations these businesses must look at new ways to engaging and build their customer base they are left with two options close down completely or invest in digital marketing, an eCommerce platform, and delivery service to increase their online presence (and make up for the loss of foot traffic) and cater for online sale and delivery services.

For most informal businesses investing in digital marketing, eCommerce platform, or providing a delivery service is just not feasible that is where we come in.

Because we understand that the informal business sector plays a huge role in the African economy. It creates livelihood opportunities, contributes to alleviating poverty, and serves as a buffer between employment and unemployment, and for many people who cannot find a job, the informal business sector offers an alternative way to generate an income. There are about 120000 informal spaza stores with sales estimated at between R100bn and R200bn in SA alone. According to the most recent estimates, non-agricultural employment in the informal economy represents 66% of total employment in sub-Saharan Africa and 52% in North Africa. That is not only a huge business opportunity but also a major key to the unlocked success of Africa.

We provide businesses with a secure online marketing and sales platform, the end-user can make online or cash payments, and delivery services and infrastructure. We aim to form a powerful partner and link between informal business and end-users allowing the business to increase their customer base and reach. We collect valuable data on consumer trends and behavior within the informal sector and specific product range. And use that data to strengthen the businesses.

We provide a platform for these businesses, we give them the tools they need to take their business to the next level and in doing so growing our economy. We believe in our people and our ability to become our own hero’s, to solve our own problems, to find sustainable solutions to solve the problems only we understand and face on a daily basis and somehow pull through. We believe that if we can bring together all that passion, drive, and skills of our entrepreneurs and informal business and provide them with the tools, infrastructure, and support to nurture those businesses, grow them and take them from more than just a hot meal to eat for the night or enough to get by till tomorrow into a network for learning, growth and economical independence.

So we ask that you support our platform and in doing so bring us one step closer to creating the world we want and so desperately need. One where we all help each other help one another.

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in an initiative that would contribute positively to the livelihoods of people who needs assistance most.

You can support us by:

Buying from our, SwiftStarShop – the store includes products from local and informal vendors as well as international brands.

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We serve our communities by leveraging business to create a positive impact and solve pressing challenges in Africa and the world through technology! If you are in need of professional mobile, web, and software developers who love tackling challenges, you’re in the right place.

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