How do you start your own business?

So you want to start your own business & don’t know what to do or where & when to start . In this blog I will take you to the 10 most particle fundamentals  & need to start your own business today. 

I would say the first step is to know what you love doing with your time & learn how to turn your passion into a skill. Learn everything there is to learn about your passion & explore ways on how you might capitalize on it. Consulting experts in the field & attending industry business training, courses & events has helped me learn from my peers & for some people this could be the best way to learn. Remember if you want to make a mark you have to stand out so find out what people are already doing, learn that & find a way to do it better or put your own spin on it. In short find your unique selling proportion & work HARD to maintain &  better it. I think something just as important as finding your UPS(niche) is surrounding yourself with quality people. Remember to beat the best you have to be the best & the only way you can beat them is to join them. Aligning yourself with good people, with sound knowledge & experience is the best gift you can give your business. 

Contrary to the hype A success business does not happen over night it takes a lot of dedication, consistency, perseverance, evolution(you need to adapt fast as things are always changing, learning sleepless nights & sometimes starting over & over & over until you get it right. Luckily for you, today I have made it a bit easier by giving you the 10 steps that is absolutely necessary for the perfect start. 

Starting a business is far from easy. First you need the kind of passion & drive that will get you out of bed & doing what you have to day after day without affirmation from anyone. You need a good product(s). You need a feasible & realistic business plan. You need direction & a lot disciple. You need to be a free thinker & a risk taker if you don’t have a product that solves a problem you need a miracle. 

Okay, so you are still reading. Let’s say you have what it takes. You have a good product & the mental & emotional capacity to be your “own boss” Now you need to start somewhere right?

1. Go online to the website of CIPC and register a new company for R175, registration is R125 and the name is R50.


– Go to your nearest internet cafe with your certified ID copy in USB, have an active email address, or use your smartphone.


The money you will deposit via their bank details found on the website.


They will do BBBEE for you for free and all other business documents.


2. Go to SARS, do a tax clearance for free.


3. Go to FND. They have business accounts for less than R500.


4. Go to your nearest Seda ask them to do a business plan for you, for free. Plus other training that might be relevant to your field.


5. Go online, register on the CSD, for free.


6. Go to your municipality and ask them to register you on their database as a supplier, for free.


7. Go to your nearest NYDA, attend their financial management short course for a minimum of 5 weeks (once a week), for free.

If you need funding to start.

8. Apply for the NYDA funding for free. They can give you equipment of up to R50 000, for free.

You don’t pay it back.


9. Hire people and register for COIDA, Letter of good standing at the Department of Labour.

We can help you with this whatsapp +27798483325 now.

10. Do your business and upgrade it with marketing and branding.


Logos, Letterhead, business email, website, landline.


Copy and paste on your wall to assist those who may need this information.

If we are all BRAVE enough to Dream Big, PASSIONATE enough to Start Small & SMART enough to Act Now, then you have all it takes to start, run & finish your own business.

I am here to assist with any of these I work with a system that streamlines this process we do everything online ( we are in partnership with all of these organizations and our system makes the process really easy). Prices vary depending on the services required. We are on a mission to grow the tech ecosystem in Africa so for our promo, we design your website free of charge you’ll only have to pay for domain and host.

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